The Mind of Christ

God's way of thinking is different than to how we would see it. Because most of the time we would fall back to our worldly way of thinking, and we would forget to see how God would see the whole picture. Mark 8:14-16 "The disciples had forgotten to bring bread, except for one loaf they … Continue reading The Mind of Christ

Calling in Life

What is Calling? Calling is defined as a strong inner impulse towards a particular course of action. In short terms, your purpose in life. Now I know that God has a calling for us Christians and We as his sons and daughters must know how to respond. We are all created specially and differently, therefore … Continue reading Calling in Life

In The Beginning…

Hello and Welcome, You might be curious and wonder what this Website all about. Well, let me introduce myself! My name is Christopher, and I'm an Indonesian who is currently living in Toronto, Canada. I'm currently enrolling in York University, as a 3rd Year Business and Society Major. I came to Toronto for High School back in 2013 and throughout my time here in Canada, God touched my heart through a Healing Movement Camp in 2015. From there on, my chapter with God started.